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"Mysteriouser and mysteriouser!"

I just followed my own instructions, and when I saved and reloaded the session it was fine, just as you found.

However, if I save the file, shut qtractor down, then restart it and load the file in, the data is corrupted as I reported previously. I saved the file again under a new name, and did 'diff' on the 2 files. I attach an image of what diff produced.

Clearly the two files ought to be the same. But they are not. The altered basic tempo is clearly shown. I don't pretend to understand why the automation appears in the wrong place, but presumably it is something to do with the tempo having been improperly changed at some point. If I had changed the bar 1 tempo from 120 to 176 myself in qtractor, I think the automation would still be in the right place. But somehow, something seems to be going wrong in reloading the file after shutting down and reopening qtractor.

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