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It is a general purpose template that solves some problems with the initial configuration of Qtractor.

_1 The MASTER must be the last bus in a project.
However, in Qtractor it is not possible to move the "Master by default".

_2 The audio from the midi buses always goes to the "Master by default", it is impossible to change this setting.

Semantic Solution:
The default MASTER is renamed as Synt.
So now we have a bus dedicated to listening to midi plugins,
or recording stereo audio from external synths or in general. Its coherent.

A new MASTER has been created as a final bus with a pre-installed mastering chain.
A Reverb BUS has also been created for space effects and another FX BUS for generic effects.
Mono Input by default on tracks (the most common workflow is to record audio in mono).

Also added some default tracks and plugin chains where it makes sense.

The default setting is 48000 Hz.
If you want to change it to 44100 HZ or other, edit the template with a text editor:
Line 6: sample-rate>48000<

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