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It's just a link to wherever it's officially hosted.
If the images are at, the downloadables could be hosted at

Although the current url would also work, I assume you want them to be on the official website and not on (hence the trouble).

__Suggestion to documentation __

I see that we are at the following point:

- Qtractor is very mature, and it seems strange that its operating mechanics are going to change much.
- The audio in Linux is in full transit Jack > PipeWire

On the one hand, I think it would be time to create a new, better structured manual, based on the material already created.

But first we would have to wait for PipeWire to be a little more established (months? years?).
(In PipeWire there is not even a QjackCtl-type tool to configure the latency, sample rate... and you have to play the configuration files by hand.)

For example, there are references to Jack in current manuals, and yet none of them include how to select the input and output devices in Jack.
This generates a lot of confusion for newcomers, who try to establish the devices from Qtractor (as is logical in other operating systems, or even from applications that work with Alsa such as LMMS or Audacity) and not from Jack.

However explaining it now can be a disaster, because that person may have a distribution with PipeWare that will ignore the Jack configuration or directly uninstall Jack.
Too many things would have to be explained.

So the option I see is to hold on for some time.
The "How to" can be a tool for this transition.

If I can, I'll make more of these.