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The web version is clear.

However, the General Index that appears in the web version is missing from the first page of the epub and pdf versions:
Manual - Table of Contents
Manual - 1 Introduction
Manual - 2 Installing and Configuring Qtractor
Manual - 3 Learning Qtractor–An Example Session
Manual - 4 Qtractor–An Overview
Manual - 5 Qtractor Menus
Manual - 6 Appendixes

The How-To’s section, started by Sean Beeson, contains the following pages:
How To - Create Individual MIDI and Audio Buses-Ports
How To - Set the number of channels an audio track records
How To - Sample MIDI Composition Workflow

Another option, include the "How tos" menu within the "Table of Contents" Index, at the end. Although I see the first option as more accurate.

As it is, it seems that the "How Tos" are mentioned in the title, but then they are not there, because they do not appear in the Index.

In my "How to" I found a typo (errata), a ". ."
Where it says "signal. . Not all", it should say "signal. Not all".

No matter how much I review, small errors always appear in my works. :S

The manual is really very complete, however I still think that it would be useful to include the point of defining hardware in Qjackcontrol. It's just a line of text and an image, but it clarifies a lot.

It is a question that arises very often in newcomers to Linux who want to make music.

It would also be good to create a new section with a collection of links to unofficial sources that are worthwhile, such as blog tutorials and video tutorials.

For example, for Jack's doubts:

From Qtractor:


I'm just sharing my thoughts.