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There's one thing that's still true: to date I've only ran Qtractor on 4/4, and now you're the very first to realize that this 'technoboy' tag (or nickname) that some fellows here calling me deserves some attention ;)

And now what?... damn, problem right here is I have only 4-on-the-floor SMFs around. My truelly bad. Would you hand me some of yours? Or else I'll have to wander or hardcode some :)

Anyway, just in case, let me say something that, maybe, you missed by chance: when importing a MIDI file, Qtractor only honors its tempo and key signature if, and only if, it's the first time you're dumping a MIDI track into session. The same applies when dropping a track/channel into view/canvas, that is, when an import operation is implied.

Just to be sure, please check whether loading into a brand new session (as in File/New) the same autistic behavior is to blame :)

No worries. I'll have this noted.

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela