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There are ways to achieve this.
Use a track as if it were a bus, and instead of AuxSend use Inserts.
There is a "but": It must be with PipeWire, the inserts can cause problems in real Jack.

You cannot automate the Bus, but you can automate the AuxSend from the track.
I know this is tedious if there are several AuxSend to a bus. Although there is also a solution for this:
An automation is a .mid file. From your operating system's file manager, duplicate the automation as many times as there are tracks you want to apply them to. Rename the files so that they match the names of the track automation where you want to apply it.

It would be easier if Qtracktor could export and import automations and edit it directly with the midi editor.

(EDITED: It doesn't work, but I leave it as an idea to experiment. )
By Midi: It's the craziest of all. I haven't tried it, but it should work.

Create a new "FX" midi bus and assign a midi track to it.
Record on that midi track, with a channel that you are not going to use, the changes that you want to automate (volume, panning...).

Connect the midi output of the "FX" midi bus to the Master midi bus input.

Assign MidiLearn (in Qtractor called just Controller Midi) to the elements you want to automate.