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On my system I have no problem with automation on busses, or even plugins inserted on busses can be automated. What I do is create a midi "automation" track which sends controller data ( several ctrl numbers ) via the tracks midi out to Qtractors CONTROL in, normally used for remote hardware controllers.

First we have to activate the dedicated MIDI control input/output via Qtractors > options > midi tab. Secondly, open Qtractors connections window > midi tab and connect the midi output of the in step 1 created midi track with the CONTROL input.

Summing up :

  1. create a midi track, and record or add with the pencil the desired controller data ( in the lane under the piano roll ).
  2. go to the audio or midi buss, right click on the slider > MIDI-Controller and add your controller number matching the ctrl number in step 1.
  3. for plugins in the buss, right-click on the plugin > properties > right-click on the slider and add your controller number, which is send by the midi track.

Be sure midi channels of the sender ( miditrack ) and receiver ( buss sliders / plugins ) are the same ! This way you also can send midi-track controller data to a stand alone Carla application, but that's something for advanced users ;-)

If you want to use the tracks automation button, then you have to use a midi plugin capable of sending cc data. -> Still, would be nice if there was an option to display item's controller data into the tracks automation lanes !

Just try it out, Qtractor = fantastic !

See Rui's comment here above : Rui says : simply put: nope, We know , yes it's possible :-)


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