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Thank you!!!
In my head I knew it was possible but I couldn't find the key.

What was wrong for me, I used predefined CCs like 7-Volume etc., and the undefined ones should be used.

I was trying to do it through the midi buses, I didn't remember that midi outputs could be assigned to the tracks.

I think Rui doesn't know the scope of doing things so well.
Qtractor offers you all the starting tools so you can get anything done. Of course, you have to create the way to achieve it, it is not predefined.
I love that approach that gives creativity to the user.

If you wish, share your example in the topic I created:

__Note for those who do not have an external midi controller to simplify automations and more:

I think I'm going to revive an old iPad Air with a damaged battery to use it as a versatile midi controller with curved sensitivity and multi-touch. When connected via USB it is powered by the computer, and battery failure is no longer a problem.

This allows you to manage the faders of several tracks at the same time or to be able to play virtual instruments with sensitivity in the speed of the notes without the space problems of a traditional controller. You can also add or remove slider knobs, keyboards as you like, it does not have the restrictions of a physical hardware configuration.

The price of such a device is free, or almost. It is easy to get one for less than 10 euros, or as a gift from someone you know who cannot use them due to the battery or the obsolescence of the apps.

The only drawback is that dedicated hardware is always nicer to the touch :-).