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Suppose I have a point on beat 1 of a bar, and I add another point later in the bar. If I then move the new point earlier (i.e. to the left) past the first beat of the bar, then I agree that the original point is now redundant. This is not a problem. The trouble is that at present, the old point actually disappears well before the new one reaches beat 1, which is very frustrating and seems quite unnecessary. I haven't been able to establish what the minimum allowed separation is, but it seems to be somewhere around 1/16 second.

Perhaps a more user-friendly behaviour would be to allow points to be moved freely in either direction, but not, of course, past each other. I think that this would be suitable for all of the automation modes, and it certainly would for Linear. If the user tries to move a point horizontally past another, the moving point would simply stick vertically above or below the other (or perhaps separated from it by one time unit). There is then no need for any points to disappear spontaneously, and the user can take full control of such matters.

I don't understand the necessity for an already established point to disappear when there is no conflict with a new one.