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For the music I make, automation is dispensable.

However, for a future toy it seems very interesting.

I also didn't understand the "death loop."
By doing tests I think I understood it.

The problem is that the CC data always works on the Bus_Master, even if you have another Bus assigned to the track.

This should not be like that.
An independent bus should work as its own application without dependency and have its own sending and receiving of CC data.

In fact, I have tried to create the same proposed workflow, but instead of with a Bus_Auto, opening a new instance of qtractor and using it as Bus_Auto. It is not produced there because they are independent.

Well, in a single instance of Qtractor it should be the same. Each bus should work as an independent instance.
The data should not always be received by Master, but by the Bus that we have selected.
In addition, it should be possible to receive CC data from any Bus and not only from the Master.

I don't know if my diagnosis is correct, but I suspect it goes there.