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I take back what I said. If it is possible to automate without causing the loop with a single instance.

The buses behave well on Qtractor and my assumptions were wrong.

(It is not the first time nor will it be the last that I think that Qtractor does not do something correctly, and I am wrong. Qtractor does it well, I just don't understand how it does it yet.)

I have returned to Mela's proposal to understand why the loop does not originate there.

It's simple, the automation must have an id lower than the control so that the loop does not occur.
(Related: Now I understand the strict order of AUX SEND)

What I don't understand now is because the PAN is easily automatable on an audio bus, and yet the Volume refuses to accept values and only supports some CC controllers, like number 22 in Mela's example.

I attach original file from Mela.