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There seem to be a few methods of inserting automation data but the hardest part comes after. Every method seems rather cumbersome to work with (what, where, how) once the data is in the session. With the traditional automation lanes, you only get to see 1 at a time and only through a menu that starts with a right click. With the MIDI used to control volume and pan sliders approach (discussed recently), everything is buried under a right click you'd have no idea even exists unless you........ remember you added it. This seems cool but again, seems to be another example of an approach that makes adding data possible but will be difficult to identify and manage later.

This does seem to be an improvement over the previously mentioned approach using MIDI since everything is maintained in a particular track (unlike the other where a dedicated track is maintained for all controller messages). This is good.

So Rui, to your question, anything that can be used in the sense of improving ease-of-access and provide greater visibility gets my vote (I think that's where y ou were heading?)