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I'm not sure I agree.

If we're talking 1 to 1, then yes; I see and agree with the point of view and would then just advocate using external documentation like a README.txt in the project directory.

Due to the sheer numbers, I'd never advocate for a 1 to 1 relationship at the highest level (the sequencer view). Rather, this level should (at the very least) present and maintain a one-to-many relationship in order to simply leave a clue that some state exists. What we have now is the worst of all cases since there is absolutely nothing left in place indicating something exists under the hood. To your point, you could spend an entire working session configuring and working with dozens of controller assignments across even just a few tracks... a very reasonable thing. Now, how would you rate your chances of finding and understanding those configurations should you maybe come back to the song a week later. How about 2 weeks?

While I do understand the benefit of maintaining external documentation, it's important to understand that approach is actually just a clunky hack since all you're attempting to do there is maintain state........ something the software should be doing in a far better, standardized, and reliable fashion.

How many times have you not understood the things you wrote a week ago? A month or year ago? That's because we as humans, are not predictable.

So far, I've been talking about things at the highest level (the sequencer) since it essentially serves as the gateway to all the things.

But what about the indicator icon we're clicking on in order to assign a controller to a property of a plugin? I mean, it seems quite obvious to me that it should be flipped green if it ends up getting assigned to anything, no? And what does the reset button actually reset?

There's certainly lots of room to build on this area of the workflow.