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I can appreciate the hack. Seems to me we can control all of those parameters via Automation though which is (to some extent) visible at the highest level. Originally, I had become interested in controlling bus faders via cc data since those specific things can't be scoped. I think I'm realizing these 2 approaches largely overlap so I'm debating which side I want to lean into. Each has their pros and cons but this approach seems to incur more grunt work. In the 1-to-many "automation track" approach, we have no way of knowing what controller data is mapped to which plugin (unless we keep even more detailed notes). It's a really non-intuitive workflow because you could be working with a track 20 rows down and have to go find the related data every time. It's kind of like documenting your source code in a word document or something which is stored on a file server rather than in your VCS. It's just too disconnected to make any real sense. Of course, controller data is part of the MIDI standard so using that to capture performance state is certainly a big plus as it keeps the exports DAW-agnostic.

Last night I realized I could drive my plugin's "Master" parameter via automation which essentially solves the original issue I was trying to overcome related to automating a bus fader. That just leaves pan (since many plugins don't provide it). I suppose a plugin can be thrown into the mix (Calf Stereo maybe) and then controlled.

I'm probably leaning toward Automation though I do wish it were a bit more accessible and quicker to work with. That said, I have certainly been having a tough time as it relates to Automation data mapping cleanly to db values. That certainly makes it a challenge on a track by track basis but I've read some things in the forums which tell me the plugins are not providing the data Qtractor would need in order to map.

PS. I never wanted to record multiple automations at one time; maybe somebody else did. I've simply been focusing on trying to figure out what cleanest and most usable approach to automation actually is :D