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It arises because plugin installation paths vary between distributions.
Sometimes the same distribution changes the path in updates.
Related topics have been discussed in this forum.

My perception on this matter is that plugins should never be installed in the administrative (opaque) part of the operating system, but in the user folder (where the person has complete control).

When you install plugins from developer websites, some are already starting to take this approach.

Create local folders in the user path and host the plugins there:

This way I always know which plugins I want to be available (since many times plugins are installed that we never use and should not be available) and where to find them.
Then in Qtractor options I add these routes in options.

Some LV2 plugins may not work with this approach. Rui took measures so that LV2 could also function like this. I don't know if he finally achieved it, because it depended on the format developers.

DSSI is a format that should work by locating where the binary is.
So I'm attaching it to you in case you have problems locating it within the opaque administrative part of the system.

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