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Rui, that code you told me to put in told me where it was and I copied it into qtractor . . . totally worked!!

It even carried over to the appimage of qtractor without me having to put it in twice - (I don't question how that's possible - you're a genius dude)!

Before my upgrade motherboard and CPU, qtractor worked great but musescore dithered because my PC wasn't powerful enough. I upgraded in December with great musescore but no qtractor due to my soundcard not working in modern Ubuntu studio . . . now I have both . . . the perfect recording studio - there's nothing I can't do now . . . this marks the very first time that I have everything I need. I can't thank you enough. I know the solution was bread and butter to you, but there's no way I could have ever found the solution on my own . . . I know nothing.

G3N-ES - thanks so much for your advice . . . I now use fluidsynth as per your gif which works brilliantly and totally sorts out instrument persistence . . . cheers dude.