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It is the countdown that appears muted.

Working with Jack (I don't have Pipewire installed)
It is Qtractor 0.9.90. I currently do not have previous versions installed to know if there is a error in my Jack configuration.

I comment simply to leave the notice.
If it's something just mine, there's no problem. It is a functionality that I do not use. When I need it I create a midi fragment that fulfills that functionality. It is more versatile.

Explanation of why it is more versatile. You can do without reading it for the topic of the thread.

I record with a metronome only the first rhythmic base (midi drums or midi bass). It is preferable this way, because if you record acoustic instruments you prevent the metronome from sneaking into the recording.

If the arrangements are sneaked in it is less conflictive, it remains like a small delay effect that is almost or totally imperceptible.

I need a countdown in very specific cases, such as when the song begins with a solo instrument without accompaniment in the firsts signatures, or when there are acoustic instruments that must enter right in the first bar.

For the first case, the countdown is inefficient, because I need the metronome to last only a few signatures after the countdown and then be silent (avoid accidental recording of the metronome as much as possible).

As I said, for those cases I use midi fragments. With them you have total freedom.