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i think you missed the point or i didn't explain it in any way you could understand. please accept my apologies


a) you need to have X running on some machine in your local area network--this machine should be known as hostaddr (hostname or ip address).
b) on your command-line-only machine, you set export DISPLAY=hostaddr:0.0 to tell qjackctl that all its graphical display will on that other hostaddr machine.
c) run qjackctl on the hostaddr machine--if this works right, the main window and all will be displayed on the screen of that machine, not the one which you are running on command line only.

if you do not have any second X server machine, then you can only start jackd from the command line. you'll have to figure out the correct command line parameters as there will be no graphical user interface like qjackctl's to help you on that. sorry :)