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Hey Jeremy thanks! Yes, I kind of struggled to get the sidechain working *inside* qtractor, not using external routing ; Without your video it would have been harder; Thank you very much!!

About the latency, well I'd really like to tell you that 128 frames can float my boat here ; I do get better numbers when I use LXDE instead of KDE but like I said, even if jack tells me I'm under 20ms, I still can really hear latency, witch is weird, as 16ms really should be un-noticeable...?

Could it be my version of Jack ? I think it is. I'm using version 1.9.6... I cannot get qtractor to enable all those "latency" things at build-time, how does that work exactly ? Qtractor computes the latency based on the jack settings, and offsets the audio tracks accordingly ? Or is there more magic involved ?

I'm I right to try to stick to 48000Hz just because it's written on my soundcard box ? It makes no differences in my tests... But I read somewhere that snd_usb_audio does not even know 48000.. Could I stay in 48000 all the way to the final .ogg file ? I guess I should try..

Thank you very much for your comments and help