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Thanks for your interest and asking.

- no preview/monitor in midi tracks, midi-out seems workin' just when playin' or recordin'.

That's right. MIDI track input monitoring is only active when the track is armed for recording. On the other hand, it is always on for the MIDI input bus(es), at all times.

Also note that all track input monitoring honors the corresponding MIDI channel events that get through, and again only for those tracks that are armed for recording. The meter monitor just signals the events that will be effectively recorded in the armed track. This behavior is fairly consistent in design for both MIDI and audio tracks: track monitoring is only effective when record-ready and during recording, of course.

in the piano-roll:
- when 'playing' the virual keyboards on the left, the notes are selected in the right side.

Yes, if I understand correctly, you can only play ad-hoc notes on the virtual keyboard that stands on the left of the piano-roll, and that is only effective over the small rectangles that depict the piano keys (roughly). May I ask what you have in mind to see this as a problem, or am I just missing the point?

- it's hard to work with controllers like volume, when it's necessary 'to paint' a line (i.e. fade-in)...this way works just for velocity.

Ah that's in the works. The MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll MIDI editor) is not finished. These holidays I'm planning to add some progress on the following, in no particular order:

At the MIDI editor front:
- Basic MIDI effects over all or selected MIDI events: quantize, scale, transpose, normalize, randomize/humanize.
- "Drawing" edit mode of continuous events, as an easy way to edit velocity and controller values in a step-wise mode, with fewer mouse clicks that is.
- Map the key note and controller names to the current MIDI instrument definition.

And at the global session level:
- Audio export: faster-than-realtime mixdown of audio tracks/clips to a single audio file.
- MIDI export: concatenate and merge all MIDI tracks/clips into a single MIDI file.

Hope that answers to some of your questions. Feel free to ask some more.

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

P.S. The forums are not working because I'm being sloppy with this drupal thing :) I'll look at it ASAP.