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Hi Rui,
thank you for reply.

It seems I didn't explain very well, sorry.

- track monitoring is only effective when record-ready and during recording

Ok but I meant the the midi-output doesn't work for monitoring/preview:

You can see that there's no output on in the right side of the mixer (midi-out). Qtractor is recording but there's no way to hear except when is in 'play' mode.
Usually sequencers work in some kind of midi-thru mode: when a track is selected or armed for recording, there is an output, too. So it's possible play other tracks and practice, for example.

About the piano-roll (seems I need some English lessons ASAP!!!), look here, please:

Sorry, the mouse pointer isn't visible, but I selected the notes from the left of the red line, not from the right side. Obviously it's not a major bug but the 'selection zone' should be only at the right of the red line.

- "Drawing" edit mode of continuous events, as an easy way to edit velocity and controller values in a step-wise mode, with fewer mouse clicks that is.

Can't wait! :-)

Did you planned some kind of instrument definition files (like Rosegarden .rgd or Muse .idf) for external synths and expanders? Or it'll be possible to import Rose/Muse files for to map instruments in the future?