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Thanks again Domenik.

This last update is more like a chestful of bugfixes than anything else. While I do harness it with my own testing I keep find more and more subtle bugs that keeps me worried somewhat and still consumes all the little time I have to work on it. The bright side is I'm glad I'm doing it for fun :) Unfortunately, that alone is one big of a reason I can't warrant you a plan on my own to meet your feature request (style pattern folders). No matter I could try, my pace is unsuitable with your deadline, that's a fact. And that's why outsourcing might well be a good idea... while there's time left, of course.

I know this is obviously far from optimal, but probably it will be the best for us. I hope you'll understand. Your offer is substantial and is actually very flattering. I am just sorry I can't make it to you, at least so soon. Please take this as the most of my loyalty, the least I can do.

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela