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thanks for that info rncbc, i never realised there were terminal commands for qtractor wigets, i shall take a look later today ( presently typing on work pc ).

Speaking of buttons, colours and perhaps themes: it might be of some interest to you that when I was recently playing around with my desktop themes, I was surprised to see that when I next used qtractor, it refused to connect to jack! I cannot understand that one. Luckily - and thanks to clonezilla - I had just previously backed up my disk, and was able to reinstate the working status quo. The problem might have been a theme downloaded from somewhere or other - serves me right for trusting rather than checking.

The funny thing is that if you run qtractor with the message window open, and play around with the themes, many red messages re "xruns" come up, but the thing still works fine. Perhaps there is some system glitch which affects jack. (I don't use rt).

By the way: I complained in an earlier post about positive feedback caused by looping qtractor outs to ins: I opened the mixer window and backed off one of the level controls: and lo! as if by some strange magic spell the feedback-tone is no longer. I can't be sure which control I used but the main point is that I was wrong.

best regards to you