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Yes, I've been struggling myself with this issue all week-end and tried too many programmatic and whatnot workarounds that I could juggle. To no avail. Once you close the DSST-VST GUI window you can't get it back, unless you drop and insert the plug-in again (ie. re-instantiate the plug-in) or restart the qtractor session.

However, toggling the "Edit" button it seems you can hide/show the WINE GUI alright, or least it works with some plug-ins. So that's this one fair warning for you to follow: DO NOT touch that Close button [X] of that wine window, never ;) Minimize seems to be the right alternative.

Guess this is small trouble, unfortunately it will get knocked back to DSSI-VST probably (hi Chris ;) or, horror of horrors, to WINE ? :(~

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela