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Aha, technically speaking, it is the responsibility of the VST host to keep some recurring thread to update the GUI at regular times and that should be only be supported iif the guest plug-in asks for it. Examples are in deed plug-ins that expose such eye-candy as VUmeters. Qtractor native Linux VST hosting has such mechanism, although not fully implemented ;) However, when dealing with Windows VSTs, it is dssi-vst who or which is to provide that functionality as a VST host, not Qtractor.

Or so I believe. I rather wear my conservative hat now. In the particular case of windows VSTs hosted by the DSSI-VST, updating the GUI a dozen times per second, just to let you see those VUmeters pumping pixels up and down, will just end stealing too many CPU cycles just for showing that, erm... eye-candy. It adds nothing to sound quality, just ... darn eye-candy :) Just think about the code path to get one single screen update: qtractor (osc-udp) -> dssi-vst_gui -> VST plug-in -> wine -> X..., back and forward. What a waste...

But one could argue that is eye-candy that sells. Fortunately, it might just occur, that we're not selling anything here :D

Unless someone show me the light
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela