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File notification is something I have noticed over the years has not been a very easy thing within Linux. Perhaps there is a good reason for it, I really don't know. Back in my Amiga days, I used to use file notification calls as often as I used toilet paper ;), and it was very easy to use within most programs, and a godsend when writing Arexx scripts. Literally, my Amiga would call my cell phone and play back any messages that were just received, all via file notification and before caller ID even existed (here at least). I did have a fancy "PhonePak" card which handled the messages, but everything else was my own custom arexx scripts.

What options are available for file notification under Linux? I have not checked recently, but surely there is something out there. One nice thing the Amiga had which Linux does not, was an Arexx port in every program released for the Amiga. All the Amiga programs I wrote were completely remote controllable via arexx. A commercial product even existed that would allow one to compile arexx scripts statically as stand alone programs ($20 bought a license for this one). Arexx allowed any, or multiple programs to be controlled via a single script. Nice stuff, and I certainly miss those features. I realize there is a Linux version of REXX available (Regina), but without the ability to control external programs, it's nearly worthless.