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Thanks for the reference to the other post(man is it hard to spot the links inside your post). I will try to explain what is confusing me. I wasn't aware that 'connecting via jack-connections is a no go situation'. I thought that jack in-/outputs are transparent in a way that i'm free to connect them however i like to. I thought that is the idead behind jack in-/outputs. At least, that is exactly how subgoupswork in Ardour. You have 3 individual drum-buses. Every bus has a jack in- and output. You connect the inputs of those buses to the outputs of your drummachine, control the volume so you have a good balance between them. Than you create just another ordinary bus, connect the outputs of your drum-buses to the input of your new bus, there you go. Thats how subgroups work in Ardour. Very straight forward, through transparent jack connections. The same goes for tracks if you want to subgroup them. Same if you want to send some Tracks/Buses through one effects-unit. By having those 'transparent' jack in/outputs on every Bus/Track, it allows for very intuitive free/creative routing. In Qtractor, i'm having hard times even getting things as simple as subgroups getting to work.

I tried to use aux-send on a track as you suggested, but those are pre-fader 'plugins' so that wont work. Also i found a bug here. If you first create an aux-send and a new bus subsequently, the bus won't show up in the selection-box of the aux-send. Maybe it's not a bug, and you just have to obey the 'correct' order in which you have to create things..

I then found this trick in the manual of using an insert but only using the return path and connect it to the output of a bus. So i created a bus called 'drums subgroup' and selected this as the output-bus of my individual drum tracks. In the master bus i then created an insert where i connected the 'drums subgroup'-bus to the return path. But again, this seems to grab the signal of the 'drums subgroup'-bus pre-fader. Don't get it, because if i connect the very same jack-output to my soundcard instead of the return-path of another bus, the signal is postfader..

Now i'm running out of creativity..

I'm also wondering what the wet/dry value for the insert is supposed to do. I guess if you use an insert connected to an external fx-unit, it's used to control the mix between the send(dry)- and the return-signal(wet)? So having it set to dry means 'bypass' the fx and setting it to wet means only the return-signal is coming through? According to this assumption, if you have no send-signal, only a return-signal, you would hear nothing, if you have the value set to dry completely? In the case i described above, the dry/wet value seems to not affect the signal at all.

Sorry for all those questions, but i really tried to achieve a solution.