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I see. On one hand, i also prefer the non monolithic approach. More like the unix philosophy. One program should solve one problem only, but should do it really well. As you said thats where jack perfectly fits in. It's like pipes in unix or IPC in general but for audio applications. The only issue with this seperation of concerns so far is, that i started to write shell scripts for each projects i'm working on, which starts up all applications involved in the right order(like drummachines, sampler, synths..).

Ardour(or the DAW-approach in general) clearly moves towards the oposite direction. But that is how things get if you try to compete with commercially dominating concepts in the audio world. I'm not shure, if thats a good way to go in the opensource world. Most linux audio applications i have worked with had some serious issues, that existed simply because they tried to accomplish a goal that was way beyond their capacity in terms of manpower. For example, i have worked with Mixxx, but found some really fundamental issues. It's a DJ application, wich is inteded to be used in live situations. They managed to fuck up all their controls by not interpolating between value changes which results in click-noises while changing most values. Because of that, i would never use it in a live situation. To me, that is an essential functionalty for this kind of software. I don't understand why they started features like itunes support or live streaming insted of focusing on such important things. Ardour feels the same to me. A look at their roadmap reveals lots of ideas, but some very basic stuff remains unfinished.

In that regard, qtractor is really a nice supprise to me. It's working quite stable, obvously has a small code-base but despite that i really enjoyed working with it. I much preffer working with software that offers a limited feature set that really works above software which advertises a lot but can't keep up with it. Working with ardour was really frustrating to me. The midi-feature is really unstable and in my opinion should not have been released like that.

Back to the topic :) I didn't completly understand the technical problems related to jack. Only used it once for playback purposes. At the moment i'm struggling with the aux-send/insert routing. So far i have achieved a solution for routing the outputs of multiple tracks through one plugin using a construction of aux-send and an insert. I'm working out several usecases at the moment to make sure, that i fully understand the routing. I think, when i'm done with it, it will be a good idea, to attribute this to the wiki as well, as i'm not the only one having trouble with it, i think.

By the way, i have created a sourceforge account and will start to work on documenting the takes-feature. What's the correct way to get started, working on docucmentation?