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LV2 or JACK stand-alone?
if LV2, which host?


you're completely right: no matter whether it's LV2 or JACK stand-alone, the simple action of loading a new sample audio file does seem to reset all other freshly loaded elements parameter settings to default initial values.

take note that only happens on freshly loaded sample elements. that is, 1) load a sample, 2) tweak its parameter settings, 3) switch to another element, 4) load another sample, bang! the previous element gets its settings reset! if you save the preset between each element sample loading, the issue might not occur, perhaps.

and yes, v0.6.3 doesn't have this buggy behavior indeed, so you're not doing anything wrong, though.

while using v0.7.0, you may consider to load all sample elements first and then tweak each element parameters later, saving the whole preset as often as you go. or you can of course still use previous v0.6.3, if you wish so.

meanwhile i'll try to fix this bug ASAP.

cheers && thanks.

[UPDATE:] probably fixed on git head master [bfd253] aka. v0.7.0.4+