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qSynth 0.3.6 Windows Crashing on launch


I have been using qSynth (from the installer on the sourceforge page) for a while now, and recently I changed a setting by accident. This caused the program to crash, and it has been crashing on launch ever since, meaning I cannot access the application. I have looked this up, and have found the location of the config file on linux, $HOME/.config/ . However, I have no idea where to find this file on windows (I have looked in %APPDATA% among other obvious places), so I cannot reset the settings to the default and get the program working again.

Thanks in advance :)

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i believe that on windows the configuration is kept on the registry (and not on ~/.config/ file, as on *nix systems).

so try firing up regedit (or whatever it's the system registry editor utility nowadays) and search for ""/"Qsynth"; there you either turn or remove the offending setting out if you know what is, or just rip the "Qsynth" sub-tree branch off, as far to start/run qsynth.exe from scratch.


Thank you, that worked!

Had the same issue and got it working. Here is the folder in registry to delete for future reference:


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