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Advices for linux distribution for Qtractor

Hi everybody,
I would like to get advices from you about what linux distribution to use for a user-friendly system (newbies to linux and computer music) based on Qtractor. I need to find the simplest way to use Qtractor with children (12 to 15).
I also need to find the best Live CD (or DVD) usable with "embedded" Qtractor and Jack, apologies if this forum is not the right place for my question.
Anyway, I'm interested in any advice about making Qtractor easy and fast to install and use.
Thanks everyone.


I hadn't read the linux forums where the answer to my question was post, I'm going to try OpenSuse.

I think there are 2 questions you should care about:
1. Do you prefer a special distribution. Maybe if you come from Windows, SUSE would be a good proposal.
2. Do you need Realtime-Kernel?

I would suggest you, to use an audio distribution, because the tools and codecs will already be pre-selected in this distributions, along with a realtime kernel. Jacklab would be a distribution which uses SUSE 10.2. I would prefer Ubuntu-Studio because I like the apt-get package mechanism and the gnome GUI. But there are some more Audio-distributions like: 64studio, ...

The easiest way might be: Install Ubuntu-Studio from DVD, Install qtraktor package with package manager and have fun...

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