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Possible inclusions for Q-Ranger

I am using Qranger on the Lionstracs Media Station, and I would like to ask as qranger is based on qtractor, if a few modifications are possible.

Of course if these are not possible then its not much point in asking for them in future :)

Firstly, is there some way that QR can be set up to read chords from the whole keyboard, whilst STILL allowing some melody notes to be played? (EG check out Korgs Full Keyboard recognition mode this should explain better).

Also is there a way for the user to acess the NTT (Note to transposition) table, and access to the latency controls?

Finally, a way to access what is called "manual bass mode", where the user can push a button (or software tab) to turn of the accomp either fully or incrementally, to allow the player to play his/her own bass lines whilst still having drums (at the least, more if chosen) remain active?

If this is the wrong place to ask these questions, my apologies, as I said QR is based on Qtractor, and it was suggested to me to start here.


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Thanks for your interest. Of course you can ask questions here.

Indeed, Qranger and Qtractor share a same code base and I do always try to push all new changes and fixes that I do on Qtractor to the Qranger tree as well. Yes, the flow of changes are always from Qtractor to Qranger, as far as I'm concerned.

What you're asking are special and dedicated features to the Qranger software base and for that you should ask Lionstracs first hand if it makes sense and whether those features are anything valuable to pursue.


Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, I agree. But it was Lionstracs who suggested I raise the issues here.

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