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No sound output from VST instruments

Hi Rui,

I know, this is not the right place for this question. But as I knew that you tried out the OrganizedTrio Plugin a while ago it might be, that you can give me a hint.

Last week I was happy to get a new PC and installed the Ubuntu Studio 9.04. Now, I have problems with some vst plugins, which used to play fine on my old PC with Ubuntu 8.04.1. The problem looks like this:
When i start the VST with vsthost, everything is loaded, then I got the message: "Received termination signal" and the gui is closed. Thats it. If I load the vst with qtractor dssi-vst, the gui is loaded and everything seems to work fine. Except that I don't here any audio from the plugin. Its not all the plugins, but every one, which does not load under vsthost seems not to produce any audio with qtractor. One example is the OrganizedTrio.

Maybe it's because my new PC is a Quadcore (64 bit, but runs only the 32bit version of Ubuntu-Studio, as i did not manage to load the 64bit version with jack audio...)? Any hints?


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I have tried (again) the Organizedtrio VST and it just plays. But I noticed that I had to reactivate the plugin at least once, otherwise I was having it initially silent as you say... hmm...

Hey ... you got it! Re-activating makes the plugins making sound ... i didn't try that before ... thanks!

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