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JACK2 rpms


I've been watching your rpms for a while in the hope you'd take the plunge and build JACK2 for openSUSE. and you have. so thank you!

Have you considered setting up a repository using the openSUSE build service?


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I have my home project, indeed, but I confess it only has served for experimentation with the openSUSE build service yet. I'll look forward to it and do try to make up a repository as you ask.

Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks for the link. I see there's no JACK2 in there yet :(

I tried building JACK2 in my home project a while back and had no success. Just now I tried using your rpms and sadly had no success there either. There seems to be some conflict with the default installed libjack.109. I'm getting the following error on trying to start jack with qjackctl

/usr/bin/jackd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Is there a particular process you follow for installing JACK2?

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I guess you can have only one, either libjack or libjack2. I'll have to uninstall (rpm -e --nodeps) all your current jack and libjack packages and then replace them with jack2 and libjack2 ones.


hmm. if I uninstall libjack, yast complains everytime i try to install or upgrade any jack enabled app. so i just went back to installing jack 0.116 rpms, deleting the files and then compiling JACK2 from source. messy, but at least it works. So I can't use your rpms for now. thanks for providing though!

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The way to go is uninstalling libjack via rpm -e with --nodeps and possibly --force options and then install libjack2 immediately after. That will shut up the complaints from installed jack apps. OTOH, having more than one version of libjack lying around (eg. one under /usr and the other under /usr/local) is prone to a plenty of nasty problems, the least of it is having a broken jack ecosystem. Make yourself a favor and don't.


I'm setting up another machine soon so I'll try that route. On this machine there's no trace of the 0.116 JACK left as I used the YAST file list to find and delete everything from those rpms, just leaving the rpms there to satisfy dependencies and then locking them to ensure the files don't get reinstalled. But, as you say, if I can have the correct rpms installed it would be much better. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

I have been looking every were to try to get some help with this and I have ended up here.

Problem::: alsa-jack plugin is install everything works fine until you try to run skype along with idjc using this plugin, all you get is a 5 to 10 second of it working just fine and then it crashes ,,,

if any one here has any new solutions to this or know how to fix this please do not hesitate to email me back at, I will even be a test subject if you like any thing is worth trying to try to get this fixed. I love linux and DO NOT want to go back to Windows so yea im stuck lol.

any help is apreciated.


I can provide screen shots if that helps any I just need to know what kind of information i need to give you to get this resolved.

I will do just about anything at this point,,, Just about anything, I just need to know!


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i guess you followed the instructions found in here or here on examples for writing down your ~/.asoundrc file...

sorry, i am not a alsa-jack-plugin wizard--to be honest i never used it once :( please try asking on the alsa-user mail-list if you didn't already. making sure you show your .asoundrc file contents and all the jackd parameters and operation status--you can also present that info here, but as said, i'll give you no guarantees that might help you any how.


ok I just need to know if I can post links to images or if there is a way to submit the screen shots so you can see them but i got a before and then after pics during the time skype crashes the plug-in.

In the posting of "" the Virtual multi channel devices part is what kinda gets me really leery about just doing a copy and past from that site. but as far as things went i did all of the other stuff and my .asoundrc file looks like this,,,

pcm.idjcvoip {
type plug
slave { pcm "idjcjack" }
pcm.idjcjack {
type jack
playback_ports {
0 idjc-mx:voip_recv_lt
1 idjc-mx:voip_recv_rt
capture_ports {
0 idjc-mx:voip_send_lt
1 idjc-mx:voip_send_rt
} ------- this is what it should look like while skype is up and working and in a call ---- this is the image after skype crashes the plugin

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