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Error during export session to audio file

It seems to render the session (I see playhead going through the session), then it stops in the end, waits, waits, suddenly JACK quits and Qtractor says - JACK was stopped, so please restart JACK and reload session.
The thing is,
1. when I tried to write over another file with the export it did not do it.
2. when I created a new file, the error appeared, but the file was exported okay.

I am exporting to a wav file. If required, I can send you the project with all the wave files.

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Export is implemented through what is called in JACK parlance, freewheeling mode. There were some known issues with particular JACK/kernel versions or builds regarding this behavior to real-time process scheduling.

Nevertheless, yet again, I'll ask whether this behavior is actually reproducible on every occasion. Try to find one particular pattern or circumstance where its more probable (yes, the same old suggestion you recently heard before ;) Try changing the export range, or even smaller buffer size, for instance, and see if the problem may be related to some boundary condition, whatever :)


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