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Window Tiling

Hi there,

I use a lot drumkv1, samplv1 and sometimes synthv1 and I've noticed that it's not possible to use windows tiling (Super + Arrpw keys for me) anymore with those.
I'm pretty sure I was able to a few months ago. My packages are from kxstudio-repos (0.7.5). I tried to compile synthv1 0.7.6 from source and it's now possible to tile it up and down but not left and right. As this function its pretty important in my workflow, I was wondering if there is a workaround for this and if it'll be reimplemented in the next versions. It's probably related to the fact that the window cannot be resized under a certain width/height.

Thanks a lot for your contributions,

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i hope i've made myself clear, now.
Yep, thanks :)

You see, plugin presets are a big deal - I'm really not talking about me, but for all my fellow users here - the usual workflow is to play the song or loop and to browse presets on the fly. Ideally, with only a key. Not all plugins allow that, Most notably ZASFX, with its huge click-o-rama floating panels, or even worse, TAL Noise Maker, with its humongous right-click preset menu (apparently, they all handle their presets in different ways (TALs are all in a turtle file, ZASFXs are separate files/collections) I didn't know that the LV2 norm allowed that, back to the point) The Vees are really user-friendly in this respect, with their in-GUI Preset Combobox menu: You click in it, and press down/up along the list. The only thing missing in the Vees is the persistence of said list (because how sad is an empty list?) and well, my system is a hackish (but it works) attempt at solving this. After a Qtractor session, it's already an habit to commit & push HEAD in my "main dotfiles" repo dir, where my Qtractor.conf and Template.qtt are already versioned. Don't fear the user (baby take my hand 🎜) :)


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