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can't pitch bend my song

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i'v tried to pitch bend ( as i told above ) a single note of my song in qtractor 0.6.
it didn't work the first time.
next, suddenly, it worked without me to know what happened.
i next download qtractor 0.8 ( the new one), but there is the same problem.
is anyone having an idea ?

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re. on the guitar as well as on the bass, i've put zero pitch bend events before and after the key note.

i don't see that really, while on your provided song or session, at least on the bass part, only on the guitar one.

please note that,

1. the bass part has a zero-pitchbend event and only before the full one--this makes it OK.
2. the guitar part has a zero-pitchbend event before and after the full one--the makes pitch-bend effect almost NOP (non-operative) as the later (after) zero valued pitchbend events most likely will cancel the preceding full ones.

have you ever tried to remove the (2) zero-after-events as pointed out before (by red arrows on the image above) ?

re. this is the aim of putting the zero pitch bend after. do you realize this ???
i would like to speak to someone who know his subject.

as said once before, while on the MIDI standard reality check, pitch-bend are just one special kind of a continuous controller: as most MIDI CC's, it applies to all current voices or notes, and are NOT a property, nor an attribute, of a note or synth voice alone--it indeed applies to the whole MIDI channel where it's issued. meaning that all synth oscillators will vary their base frequency (aka. pitch) at once and in the same amount, affecting all playing sounding voices, no matter which were their initial onset key (note-on) pitches and that is what most MIDI instruments, fluidsynth in particular, do follow to spec indeed.

and yes, i do know what i'm saying, believe me ;)


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i finally rechecked my work.
i realized that the pitch bend only works with the first channel.
why doesn't it work with others channels?

ps: sorry for this lake of empathy last time. i was exhausted...

the cause previously mentioned is false. i continue my investigations.


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