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YouTube videos become unplayable in web browser when having Qsynth open

When having QSynth 0.3.8 open, Firefox and other web browsers can't play YouTube videos. The video screen recommends to restart the device. That does not help as long as QSynth is open.

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it's highly probable that qsynth is using the jack-audio-connection-kit and that takes exclusive ownership to the default sound device on your system. and most if not all web browsers have no direct interface to the JACK sub-system you're left with no sound from any web site or page at all.

so this is not qsynth's fault whatever. there's various solutions to your problem though, some are more elaborate and complicated than others. none have qsynth involved whatsoever. one way to go is about having pulseaudio and jack coupled together.

have a look into this other thread and the hints there given, please.


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Hello, Rui, and thanks for your reply. However, it is not only the audio that won't play but also the video. I shall study the thread you linked to and see what I am able to adjust.

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