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Qtractor doesn't show LV2 Qt4 GUI (qmidiarp)


I have noticed that the GUI is not available for the QMidiarp LV2 plugins. I'm guessing this is because they are still Qt4 while Qtractor is now Qt5. I have the Qt4 libs on my machine and
> jalv.qt4
works and shows the GUI. Is there any way of configuring Qtractor to show the GUIs? Without the GUI the qmidiarp LV2s are pretty useless.

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you have to install the Qt5 build of the QmidiArp LV2 plugins for the GUI to show and run under Qtractor (Qt5 build);
or vice-versa, you need to install and run a Qt4 build of Qtractor to let Qt4 plugin GUIs to be any usable.

though, I'd recommend the former, as Qt4 is coming to a deprecating phased-out stage any day sooner or later.


I built qmidiarp from source with the --enable-qt5 option, and now the GUI appears and everything seems to work.

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