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Everything freezes after loading a preset for the second time

Hi, I hope here is a good place to post this.

I am using synthv1 0.8.0 as an LV2 plugin with Ardour on Linux. Loading a preset for the first time in a session works fine, but if I click on the folder icon a second time to change presets, nothing happens, as in: if there was something playing, it keeps playing, but I can't modify the settings anymore, and more generally both the synthv1 and the Ardour windows stop responding (the Ardour window keeps refusing to respond even after killing the synthv1 window).

Is there something I can do to fix that?

Thanks in advance

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yes. you may try all of the following:

  • turn Help > Configure... > Use desktop environment native dialogs OFF!
  • upgrade to the latest v0.8.2


Thank you! Turning native dialogs off solved that indeed :)

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