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New recordings erase older ones

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Hey Rui!

Qtractor Version: 0.8.2.

From time to time when I record a clip, it will for some reason overwrite a clip I've recorded earlier, completely destroying my previous work.

This is an extremely serious bug that already cost me recordings in 2 tracks. I have just spend an hour working on a recording and then editing it and then I recorded my next clip and it had completely overwritten my previous clip, destroying all my previous work - on the source file level!

Basically, for the first time a bug makes Qtractor unusable for me. I cannot continue using it and being afraid that it will destroy clips I already recorded. Please, look into this as soon as possible.

If you will need additional information, I will try to provide, but all I can say is that my workflow is this:

1. Record something into a track.
2. Record something into a track again, expecting a second clip.
3. Sometimes I find that the source file of the first clip was overwritten.

Image attached that shows the behavior. Right now I don't know how to record a second clip that will not override the previous one unless I create a completely new track.


To add, imagine me recoring into Track1. Qtractor will then create a source file called Track1-1.flac

If I am recording again, it should create Track1-2.flac

But for some reason it will sometimes create Track1-1.flac again, overwriting the first one.

Yeah, and at a certain point I can reproduce it indefinitely. Right now in my project I cannot record multiple clips in one track - it will always erase the previous recording.

After I restarted - the problem went away. But it is not clear when it will return again, of course. And I do not dare recording anything into already existing tracks out of fear it will overwrite previous clips.

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hi Louigi,
sorry for that, in the meantime...
can you tell which release version this behavior started to happen? maybe it's v0.8.2 specific?
anyway, well spotted (unconfirmed yet, but i deeply trust your judgment).
ill promise a fix in a jiffy, though you have to prepare your build-from-source skills once again ;)


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yeah. it is confirmed and it's also v0.8.2 specific as i suspected!
all other prior release versions do not suffer from this CRITICAL bug:
- any brand new clip recorded over a brand new track does get its filename reused from the last recorded/generated filename while on the same new track and current session;
- however, recording new clips over existing old tracks do not suffer from this issue (and that you already know by now).
let me hope this nasty bugger is now squashed and fixed on git head master [8797f92]
thanks in advance.

Thank you very much, man! Really appreciate it. Thanks to your quick fix I now can continue doing my dronings :D

I will tell falkTX to update Qtractor in KXStudio.

Thanks for the quick fix and the report Rui and Louigi.
I just re-packaged from GIT and included it in LibraZiK.
Kudos guys.

For overlapping recordings I create a second (same input) track,
recording there overlapping parts,
then I edit in the mix!!!
saves lots of trouble in many ways....

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yes, that would do just fine.

however, recording clips, either overlapping or not, over the very same track is the issue at hand, which is already FIXED (on git head master) while it was specific to last v0.8.2 release, it has long been featured on qtractor for ages.

thanks && cheers

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