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Qjackctl set b 3

First off I am really really new to all this. I downloaded all the required links for this program. Organs works with the mouse only.when trying to connect it to a keyboard using the upper manual only it still will not respond to midi. Spent 4 hrs on it no luck. Looks and sounds great just need any help. TYVM.

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I'm sorry I don't get it :(

Are you in any circumstance referring to the B3 organ simulation as of ? or in ?


Thanks for the quick response! The .org one I believe. Is there a difference?

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re. The .org one I believe. Is there a difference?
well, it's the same subject, only that the later one has the "3" in the name.
anyway, why you think qjackctl is the culprit here?
i ain't not that far of being just puzzled you know? :S

Me too. I don't think that the qjack is the culprit I just wanted to know what I was doing wrong.

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did you follow all the instructions given on those second link?

It is not possible to say what you are doing wrong without details of what you are doing and what you are seeing. You may gain some understanding of how to connect devices in QjackCTL if you follow these tutorials:
This site has a tutorial that is more complicated
Learn to walk before you run!
Good luck.

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