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Hi all.
Is it possible to batch convert fxb to qtx?
Sorry mi bad english


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none that i know of.

however, I kind of fail to see the point: qtx preset files are indeed specific to qtractor only but again using .qtx or .fxb/.fxp files for native VST plugin preset management, mapping and serialization are all quite equivalent and seamless in qtractor terms.

you only have to deal with the exact file suffix (or extension) you wish to use, either .qtx (default for all plugin types), or .fxb or .fxp (specific to VST plugins) when loading and/or saving from the file-browser/requester dialogues on the generic plugin preset controls (in plugin/Properties...).

of course, .fxb and .fxp files are supposed to be real cross-platform, meaning that for any VST hosts anywhere, while .qtx files are only usable by qtractor and thus linux only;)


Hi , I try to write a script to convert OBXD presets
vst to lv2

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