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qjackctl appimage

The Appimage found here:
does not start when put in a Xubuntu 16.10 Live USB
When I install qjackctl by apt-get it runs perfectly!!!

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all the AppImage renditions from my OBS home project repositories imply an existing (lib)JACK installation on the target system, whatever the implementation (so called versions 1 or 2, either is fine, but you cannot have both).

anyway, thanks for the heads up.

Hi again!!!
Sorry, but i have to insist!!!
As i understand it the whole idea of an Appimage is to include all the dependencies
There is no much point in using the Qjackctl Appimage in Ubuntu Studio for example
since it is already installed and if I have to download I will apt-get
When I apt-get Qjackctl in Xubuntu it downloads something like 50 MB
so it is not a file size matter
Are there other technical difficulties in making an Qjackctl Appimage with
all the dependencies needed?(dont know much about Appimage making)
Same thing with Qtractor Appimage

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i know all that appimage's are supposed to include all dependencies but I do distress the libjack* case: it should *not* be included in the bundle because 1) is just the jack-client API to the jack-server which is not being bundled nevertheless; 2) due to disparate and incompatible implementations and control interfaces (versions 1 vs. 2; jackd vs. jackdbus; etc) one cannot simply hope that one particular libjack will work for everybody--for instance mine, which is jack1 will certainly create havoc on the vast majority of the potential user installations out there which i believe are jack2-based.

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