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Load directory of presets

I can load a single *.synthv1 preset that is stored on my harddisk. But it would be nice if I could select a complete directory or multiple preset files in one step to load in my synthv1 presetlist.

The easiest way for me to do that right now is a little sh script (Linux), or some manual commandline typing, that lists the *.synthv1 files that I have, and writes the names to a list that I insert below [Presets] in the synthv1.conf file. This method works for me but is not for everyone.

Feature request: multiple preset file or directory selection should be possible from the GUI. Same story for drumkv1, samplv1, and the new padthv1.

P.S. padthv1 is a really great sounding addition to the VeeOne family! Love it.

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hi. thanks.

opening multiple preset files is now possible, populating the preset drop-down listing, while only the first one is loaded effectively, is underway to git head masters (all vee-one's apply).


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