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playback head

is it possible to have a playback head move across the sample to see what part is playing?

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strange question :S
the play-head do move across the timeline where samples are layed-out on audio tracks as clips.
having it for samples alone doesn't make much sense, at least to me.

mmm, yes - i think i can do without such a visual reference to what part of the sample is playing right now....

I am looking for a good sample player for Linux, and i have been playing around with sampvl1 a bit and like the way how the LFO can 'complicate' the sample.
May i ask if it possible, as a new option, to play the selected part of the sample only, so without starting to play from the beginning of the loaded sample?
Or is this possible already but i don't see it?

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sorry i thought you were talking about qtractor; my bad i didn't read the forum title
got framed because play-head is a concept that doesn't really exist or belong to any other piece of the qstuff, and certainly samplv1 has none of that. sorry again.

re. playing the selected part of the sample only.
nope. i suggest you should come up with an edited/trimmed sample to start with; use an(y) audio sample file editor for the purpose, audacity is a popular choice.


i like to try and ask again, because i think i have some solid arguments....

reason to have an option for Samplv1 to play the "Loop only" and not from the beginning of the sample:
1. it is not very intuitive to find the loop start at present, if you do not want the portion before the loop to be played. Going back from Audacity to Samplv1 several times before having found the spot for the beginning of the loop can be quite fatiguing. Having this option would speed up things considerably.
2. it would make Samplv1 even more special
3. i would like it very much :)

i hope i have convinced you.

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