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Drum Track Annotations based on GM

Hi there,

Qtractor User for many years, been trying to switch from FLStudio and Windows 7 and about to succeed, couldn't do that before Qtractor.
I deeply think this is the best piece of software in Linux Audio, with of course Alsa and Jack.
I have to say that every good idea that I read on the web about audio (Jack, LV2...) has been very quickly implemented here, without I found the time to ask for it here.

So I have this "basic" question wich is neither urgent nor "a matter of life question" and is related to this one I guess :

I'd like my drums tracks notes on piano roll virtual keyboard to have a different name than "normal" instruments tracks to help me verify midi songs I get from the web have drum tracks based on GM drums banks.

I use QTractor with DrumKV1 and DrumGizmo and it is just great having awesome sounds in there, I what I missed the most before those two tools were born.

If I may have a little comment, Ubuntu studio had DrumkV1 and SynthV1 perfectly embedded in previous versions, wich was a delight for me, but in the last versions it couldn't find my presets (And losing presets in drumkv1 is like losing drumkv1 for me) do you guys still work with ubuntustudio team? May I help? I'm a developer I'd be glad to be part of those projects.

Anyway thanks for this awesome job, I've been trying to switch to Linux from 2003. I didn't succeed yet in trasnfering projects from Windows and FLStudio, but every new project I start is Qtractor, based on Calf Plugin, Calf Organ, Drum Gizmo, DrumKV1, still trying to get various good synth sounds but so far so good :-)

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hi trblft,
thanks a lot for your kind words.

have you read all the comments specially mine in Re: QTractor and drums (quick drums procedure) ? hint: MIDI channel 10 or else, have your MIDI track set up for a drum note names via a Instrument definition file (View > Instruments...) eg. Standard.ins; you can also check the lot of standard and custom MIDNAM (*.midnam) files out there for the same purpose and effect. -- take note that this is only about having drum note names that will appear as tool-tips while hovering on the piano-roll, it won't change a thing on your already produced music ;)

re. DrumkV1 and SynthV1 [...] last versions it couldn't find my presets
this is very unfortunate and also strange; your preset files *.drumkv1 and *.synthv1 resp. should be still found around your disk or file-system or don't they? provided all the relative file-paths still prevail, you can try to locate them and reload them again; i can't really tell what happened there, maybe the user preferences configuration files (they're all under ~/.config/ got toasted between ubuntustudio version upgrades? (i don't use any ubuntu* like distro, sorry);


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Wow, glad to see it already exists, I'll test that, thanks you for the very quick answer, have a nice day :-)

BTW, what distro do you use? I heard about OpenSuse for QT apps and it was quite easy to install but UbuntuStudio is a time saver for me as everything runs out of the box. Anyway it deserves another topic I may write one day.

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openSUSE Tumbleweed!


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