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Pitch keys with Qsynth?


Sorry if this question has been asked before but I would like to know if it is possible to shift the keys. I'm using an instrument which keys are shifted downwards 5 spots. So if I play a C on the keyboard an F will be heard. Is there anyway to correct this using Qsynth or do I need different software to do this? I'm using Qsynth Version: 0.3.6
Build: Apr 2 2011 14:25:58.

Any help would be appreciated.



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none that I know of, but you could take a look at some MIDI filters out there; one pretty old example would be qmidifiler (alas old and not part of mine qstuff:)), but I believe a couple of a more recent ones would fit there would be midish or mididings, although they are way general purpose though, they are tools that deserve your attention and keep at hand at all times, nevertheless :)

what you ask is no other than to shift or transpose all MIDI input notes by a constant interval (eg. 5 semitones if we're talking about MIDI and western twelve-tone standard), that being the sole work of the so called "MIDI filter" that shall be interposed between your MIDI instrument and Qsynth (or fluidsynth for that matter).

got that?

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