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Env. Time knob connected?

We *think* the Env. Time of Samplv1 is not working/not connected.
Turning the knob makes no audible difference. We assume this knob represents the fade in/out time of the loop, intended to avoid audible clicks in the looped sound.

Can you check this please?

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Env.Time is about the maximum time interval for the Attack, Decay and Release stages on all EGs. You can set it to "Auto" to let those stages time frame be half of the complete sample length, otherwise you get a fixed time length (default is 5sec/stage). It has nothing to do with loop points or avoiding audible clicks.

Ah - we misunderstood. In that case, Env. Time is working as expected.

In order to avoid clicks in a loop, we have filed a ticket to ask for a fade in and fade out for the loop.

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