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connection using static ip

Hi there,

First of all I must preface by saying I'm totally new to, err well, networking of any sort T_T
I was trying to connect my SSL Nucleus to my linux machine.
It is an MCU protocol based controller designed to work in mac/windows with ipmidi over LAN.
The user manual for the Nucleus advises to use static IP when possible, although DHCP is available.

Connection over static IP on mac was possible and worked in DHCP mode as well, as long as the mac was
set to the same static address that worked for the nuc with the static ip method.
However with qmidinet it was impossible to establish a connection, the Nucleus is SUPPOSED to be able to recieve the address automatically, yet no connection is found.

I was wondering if there's any thing I'm doing wrong when using the DCHP method, and also if there's a way to configure a static IP for qnetmidi to work with the nucleus that it'll understand...?
as I did read it's possible to set one somehow.

Ultimately I'd rather use DHCP for multiple computer scenerio over the network, but right now I just need to get it to work somehow with my linux.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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for starters, i'll let you know that whether using static or dynamic IPs (eg. DHCP) are not the least relevant here.

what is the rule here, pardon my arrogance, as far as the multicast UDP/IP applies, is that it fundamentally works seamlessly over a _Local_ network segment--yes, this is all about the L as in LAN, literally, no pun whatsoever here:).

in summary, it's supposed to work over network switches but NEVER, EVER across network routers, no matter kind or brand.

so, do not even think making it over the intertubes. it doesn't go that far. not even close.

you've been advised. ;)


Aha.... hmmmm that was a very useful advice actually :)
I never really grasped this concept of a switch vs. router until now, thanks for pointing that out !

So for the moment, being connected directly to the computer using a single LAN cable...
how would I go about making that connection using static IP?

From reading my own post I noticed I might have skipped a step here - prev. on the mac I had configured a network "location" for the nucleus - (again this is due to my total lack of information in computer networks) - perhaps this additional step was required on Linux as well?

Meaning, do I need to configure anything else on my computer (e.g. a network "location" setup in Linux for the nucleus) so that the nucleus and qmidinet could communicate?
Or is qmidinet designed to just work out of the box?


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yes, qmidinet is designed to work out of the box!

you just need to have at least two machines with qmidinet running; both machines must be in the same network segment (it doesn't really matter if wired or wireless ethernet); then on each machine you just need to connect the (ALSA|JACK-)MIDI consumers and producers on either end--MIDI will flow in and out auto-magically between the two (or more) machines.

again, you don't have to mess around with network settings at all to have qmidinet working, provided all qmidinet instances have the SAME network settings--the default is highly recommended (*)--it's all plug-and-play :)


ps. if you modified any of the network options in qmidinet please reset them immediately to default; those options are only meaningful to someone who knows perfectly what he/she's doing; don't mess with those, you've been warned :)

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